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REVIVAL is a new, international awareness campaign and companion documentary celebrating the resurgence of
the analog film phenomenon. 

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Together we can help keep film alive for ourselves and for future generations.

Dean Ginsburg

director, REVIVAL



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Meet the people behind the project


Genevieve Kaiser

editor + 2nd unit director

Genevieve Kaiser is a freelance filmmaker currently based in Sydney. She has directed and edited a variety of music videos for artists such as Grids and Dots and commercials for brands like  American Express. 


Dean Ginsburg


Dean Ginsburg is an award-winning director with more than a decade of experience in the film, TV and advertising industry. With a background in cinematography, Dean has a strong visual eye and a passion for human stories and memorable narratives.

His directorial work, "The Life I've Seen", was a 2018 TropFest Finalist which was broadcast nationally. His commercial work extends to brands such as Toshiba and Spearwood. 


Emma Paine


Emma Paine is an Australian cinematographer based in Sydney. Emma’s love of film began in the darkroom, developing an eye for lighting and composition from black and white photography. Since graduating with a Graduate Diploma in Cinematography from the Australian Film, Television and Radio school in 2011 she has further specialised in drama, commercials, online and branded content.


James Carr


Since 2006, James Carr has held a broad variety of production and management roles across the film/TV and advertising industries. He is known for his work on  2020 Australian thriller, "Intersection"


Rebecca Matthes


Rebecca Matthes is a producer, known for Intersection (2020), Ishmael, and a variety of production roles.


Sean  O'Reilly


Sean’s a commercially driven producer working across branded content / entertainment and factual entertainment. He is known for his work on 2020 feature film, “Intersection” and “Mother,Child”.

Q: What's the status of the movie, and who will

you capture?

A: We're in production right now – we've already shot 20% of the documentary where we live in Sydney Australia, and now it's time to shoot the international stories we plan to capture in North America, Europe and Asia.


We'll be profiling the artists who are embracing analog film globally. We'll also be discovering the major labs, the galleries, the movers and shakers who are bringing film back to the fore.

We also want to explore film's relationship to our increasingly digital society, and ask, in the pursuit of progress, what have we lost along the way?

Q: When will the documentary

be completed? 

A: The completion and release depends on a number of factors: how much funding is raised to finish production; which film festivals accept us; and which distributors, broadcasters and streamers acquire it.

If we raise the full budget, REVIVAL would be complete in late '22 / early '23, with a festival berth soon thereafter before the streaming release. If we raise only a small budget, it could take longer. We'll provide updates at each stage of the project.

Q: Where will I be able

to watch it?

A: While the intricacies of global movie distribution are complex, in an ideal world we would have a global same-day release – however the reality will be less elegant than that.  The most likely scenario is a premiere at a film festival, followed by a short wait for the general release – it could be on TV, it could be on VOD, and it may be different country-by-country. Rest assured, we'll provide updates on where and when it's available.



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